While the platform can be adapted to any industry, the TrenData team has particular expertise in the fintech, supply chain, communications media, and healthcare verticals.


We work with companies that support your financial success by providing insight and analysis through access to industry and application-specific data to predict results and prescribe action that can lead to better business outcomes.

We leverage standard enterprise applications and develop proven APIs to ingest critical financial data, and we use machine learning continually enrich the information that can be presented through customizable visualization tools.

Supply Chain

We help transportation and logistics companies and their partners to optimize the supply chain and monetize the data that drives the industry. Data driven business planning can free up assets, strengthen relationships and increase value throughout the supply chain.

We integrate enterprise applications across the supply chain ecosystem and have developed application interfaces (API) for the ingestion, processing, and presentation


We partner with healthcare and insurance companies and associated firms to optimize networks, business, and support systems. Business planning informed by the right data can improve the patient experience and increase the provider value.

We combine enterprise and healthcare applications with custom APIs to ingest critical data and use machine learning to continually monitor and enrich information and present it in a timely fashion.

Communications & Media

We enable Communications and Media companies, as well as their partners, to optimize networks, business and support systems through data-driven business planning.

We use proprietary APIs and enterprise applications across the communications and media ecosystem to ingest, monitor, enrich, and present business-critical data.